How to Make Sugar Free Sweet Potato Waffles by Sada LaVelle

That’s right, Sugar Free! AND without sacrificing the delicious flavors that we all know and love! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, bland, dry and repetitive. You can do so much with healthy foods. Give yourself options, Explore new recipes and try new things. You won’t know what you like until you try. Each month my clients get Fresh NEW Recipes! The list is Endless.


1 ½ Cup Peeled and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

2 Cups of Oats

1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

6 Egg Whites

1 Cup Coconut Milk

¼ Cup Splenda or Stevia

1 Tablespoon Grated Orange Rind

Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup


Bake Sweet Potatoes in the oven on 400 Degrees until fork tender. (About an hour) Blend Oatmeal in a blender until it forms a powder like consistency. Whisk together blended oats and baking powder and set aside. In another bowl combine the sweet potatoes, coconut milk, Splenda, and grated orange rind. Combine the sweet potato mixture and the oatmeal mixture and thoroughly combine. Beat Egg whites until they form into fluffy stiff peaks. Gradually FOLD in egg whites into your batter in small amounts. The batter will be thick. Scoop batter onto waffle iron and cook until lightly golden brown (About 3-4 minutes). Top with Sugar Free Maple Syrup, Garnish with fresh strawberries, Drizzle of Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup and Sprinkle with Grated Orange.

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