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Looking for some motivation? Meet the men and women who followed my fitness programs and achieved their goals. They lost inches in their midsection, achieved the muscle tone and definition they desired and are in the best shape of their lives. These are more than fitness success stories. These are life transformations.

See what these clients accomplished with the help and guidance Sada LaVelle. Through dedication and personalized instruction, you too can be a success story.



I lost 14 pounds in 4 weeks.


I can't believe I'm actually seeing progress already. My pants were so big today I had to put on a belt!


I've lost 8 pounds and my jeans are looser from the waist.

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Boost Your Metabolism Through Delicious Nutritious Foods. Gain Control of Your Body, Health, & Life.


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Sada Lavelle’s success stories: What my clients are saying about their fitness programs

  • I decided I needed to lose and weight and Sada’s diet and workout plan helped tremendously. The diet was not so hard and her meal plans are delicious. The workout was hard at first but it was worth it. I would recommend her plan to anyone. Sada checks in with you every day and she has answers to all questions fast. It is always a good idea to take instructions on life style changes with someone with the perfect body! If you need to lose weight she is guaranteed to help you as long as you stick to her plan. I also noticed I felt better a week after the new life changes. I did not need so much coffee and I slept better at night. Overall life style change that is effective in more ways than one. I priced other locals and she has the best plan with a reasonable price.

    Jackie D. LPN
  • She combines meal plans and fitness that make the process fun and fulfilling. I have been able to reach my fitness goals week after week.The meal plans have opened my mind to another way of thinking, a lifestyle shift. I feel better both physically and mentally about myself. Thank you Sada for creating a program that works!

    Kristen Hawkins
  • I've lost 8 pounds in just 2 weeks and my jeans are getting looser around my waist.

  • Thanks to Sada I have learned my way of eating healthy and having more energy. Before I ate twice a day and food that made me gain weight and I drank sodas with energy so that I could take off my laziness and I just wanted to get to my house to sleep, and now I see that if you want to get down, you can only do it. You have to do your part and exercise to achieve it and as I said before, she helped me to achieve it with her advice, thank you. I'm going for more, that's nothing!

  • Sada takes the time to plan your meals and workouts around your personal goal.  I have not only noticed the difference with my body, but also an increase in my metabolism. Additionally, she gives you a list of vitamins and supplements to take as well, which I have noticed I haven’t been as tired or have had body aches compared to when I started her plan. If your looking for guidance to reach your fitness goal I highly recommend Sada’s plan!!

    Jacqueline Samayoa