Meal Prepping Tips!


Meal Prepping Tips:


Keep it simple

This meal took me about 45 minutes to make and will last me about 3 days. I personally love meal prepping and creating new, simple, tasty recipes. For me, the easier the better. Being someone who is always on the go quick and easy recipes are usually my go to for my meal prep. We all know the standard meal chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and brown rice but I believe that you can still get in all of your necessary nutrients without having to eat the same exact thing every single day.  You can mix it up & Find alternatives. If you’re always on the go you can make wraps, or a protein packed sandwich. You can even pack a vibrant salad loaded with fresh vegetables. The options are limitless!

Eat Regularly

Eat the right foods for your body. Understand what your body needs. Everyone’s body is designed differently you want to ensure that you’re eating enough of the right foods for your body type.


Eat your greens!

Whether it’s raw, cooked or blended into a smoothie green vegetables help keep you fuller longer, aids in digestion, gut health, and provide a ton of other health benefits.

Make it a routine to prep your meals twice a week to keep you on track, organized and reassured that you are eating well. I wake up every morning and portion out my meals for the day which usually consist of 4 meals and 2 shakes or 2 snacks.


Invest in a slow cooker

They are inexpensive and a brilliant way to have your meals ready for the next few days. You just pop in your protein, veggies, you could throw in some potatoes, add a little bit of water, your seasonings, and have ready in about 6-8 hours when you come home from work or whilst you’re out and about! The meat will come out juicy, super tender and not dry.

The best advice I can give you is to meal prep. It will literally change your life. Stick to whole, fresh, low sodium, nutritious foods.  Meal prepping is also a great way to save money on your groceries as you know exactly what you need to buy when shopping.


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