How to Make a Gluten and Sugar Free Breakfast Cereal by Sada LaVelle

Nutrition is so vital, I can honestly tell you that from my own experience. Food is your body’s fuel. Lasting results take time there is no quick fix and no magic pill. It’s about Balance, eating well and training smart. Allow yourself some time to see the results your looking for and don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing them as quickly as you would like. Good things come to those who wait!



3 Brown Rice, Rice Cakes (You can use any flavor that you like try to choose a flavor that is low in sugar)

3-4 Fresh Strawberries (You can also use Blueberries or a small banana here as well!)

Coconut Milk or Almond Milk

Sprinkle with Splenda (Stevia is another tasty option!)

Top with Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

Garnish with Fresh Orange Peel

You can also add a Scoop of your favorite Protein Powder & BOOM! You have a complete balanced Breakfast ready to go!

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