Cardio Workout Guaranteed to Make that Fat Cry!!

Cardio Workout Guaranteed to make that Fat Cry! 💦💧
When I’m short on time this is definitely one of my go to workouts to burn an insane amount of calories/fat in a short period of time. This workout will kick your metabolism and create the EPOC Effect (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), which allows you to continue to burn calories even after you’ve left the gym! YAS! The absolute ideal workout if you have a busy schedule! Get ready for it! If you aren’t feeing like you’re going to die then you’re not doing it right! 😉 Let’s go!
Sprints Variation:
40 REPS of Toe Touches on the Treadmill. Hop on the treadmill and Sprint as fast as you can for 15 Seconds. Reduce the Speed to 7-8MPH and jog for 2 minutes. REPEAT for 30 minutes! My personal preference is to keep my heart rate between 80-90% of my max heart rate throughout the duration of my workout.
Everyone’s body will react differently to certain training methods and workout regimes there’s no one size fits all. Remember sleep is also SO important to help regulate your hormone and stress levels make sure you are making a good night’s rest a priority. Did you know that research shows that regular High Intensity Training can reduce your risk of diabetes? Incorporating sprints into your workout routine will do your metabolism a world of good! Keep that heart rate up!
I will be posting in depth workout videos each week to help you target those problem areas as well as healthy recipes! 🍌 Do what you love and keep your body active whether it’s high intensity training methods or you prefer something more calming like yoga both options are great! Need help kick starting your fitness journey? Email me directly at SADALAVELLE@GMAIL.COM 💌 or visit WWW.SADALAVELLE.COM for more workout techniques & Nutrition Guidance. I hope these tips help!! 💕 Let me know down below!